umustbeaweasley (umustbeaweasley) wrote in hpfc,

Borders to host 'Grand Hallows Ball'

Borders and Waldenbooks announced tonight that they will be celebrating the release of the final Harry Potter book with "Grand Hallows Balls" on the evening of Friday, July 20 in bookstores across the country.

The press release states: "Beginning at 9:30 p.m., the 'Grand Hallows Ball' events will transport guests from their ordinary muggle world into an evening of enchanting music, imaginative costumes, fun activities, and fabulous prizes. Harry Potter fans will leave the Ball with original souvenirs commemorating this special evening."

"Borders is devoted to creating a midnight event that would commemorate this historic publication for both its stores and customers," said Linda Jones, senior vice president, merchandising for Borders Group, Inc. "The Grand Hallows Ball will be the quintessential celebration for Harry Potter fans."


I hope our Borders does this!


p.s. Don't forget about June 30th! It's going to be wicked!!!
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